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Geode Guys


The Geode Guys or known to some as the “Dragon Egg Guys” originally began 20 years ago when the founder of “Dragon Bones” and the “Dragon Eggs”, Leo Atkinson, traded an old man one of his signature mineral sculptures for a peculiar looking machine that supposedly was made specifically to crack geodes! This machine would later become known to many of you as the Geotine (the Guillotine for Geodes). The original Geotine was made almost completely of wood. The machine has since undergone many changes to what it is today. However, what many people don’t know is that the original Geotine was not acquired with any intentions of making money from it. But one day as fate had it, Leo was outside of a Rock Shop owned by him and his wife trying out his newly acquired machine with some left over geodes from the previous owner of the Rock Shop. It just so happened that on that very day a nearby middle school was having a field trip in the area near the Stonewerks Lapidary Shop. And a curious student passing by happened to hear the “Pop” noise that the machine makes when cracking a geode. When he walked over and saw the beautiful crystals inside this otherwise ugly rock, he immediately offered Leo several dollars for the cracked geode. And before he knew it there was a crowd of middle schoolers all lined up with money in hand ready to pop a geode. As the story goes the teachers had an extremely tough time getting the students away from the “the Geode Guy.”